• Leon

    Leon Leather Sofa


    Some things have the power to instantly make you feel at home, and Leon is definitely one of the most welcoming sofas you can meet.
    Its wide seating space, combined with soft padding, and a combination of piping and contrast stitching will give you all the comfort you need, for indulgent afternoons or brief moments of intimacy.


    Natuzzi Leon 3 Cushion Sofa: H104cm x W234cm x D105cm
    Natuzzi Leon 2 Cushion Sofa: H104cm x W222cm x D105cm
    Natuzzi Leon Loveseat: H104cm x W176cm x D105cm
    Natuzzi Leon Armchair: H104cm x W116cm x D105cm
    Natuzzi Leon Powered Reclining 3 Cushion Sofa: H104cm x W250cm x D105cm-159cm
    Natuzzi Leon Powered Reclining 2 Cushion Sofa: H104cm x W228cm x D105cm-159cm
    Natuzzi Leon Powered Loveseat: H104cm x W184cm x D105cm-159cm
    Natuzzi Leon Powered Armchair: H104cm x W117cm x D105cm-159cm

    Care Guide: Sponge clean with a soft cloth and blot any spills immediately.Avoid direct sunlight and contact with radiators.

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