• Celebrity Somersby



    The Somersby Range has a stylish, modern 3 tier foam back design with ‘softer sit’ seating. Somersby Grande, Standard and Petite recliner chairs and are available in fabric or leather. All Somersby fabric models are all fitted with Mammoth Medical Grade™ Foam Seating Technology as standard.


    Somersby Grande Recliner: H112cm x W84cm x D91cm
    Somersby Standard Recliner: H106cm x W77cm x D89cm
    Somersby Petite Recliner:
    H101cm x W77cm x D89cm
    Somersby Standard Fixed Chair: H106cm x W77cm x D94cm
    Somersby 2 Seat Split Fixed Settee: H106cm x W137cm x D94cm
    Somersby 2 Seat Recliner Settee: H106cm x W143cm x D89cm
    Somersby 3 Seat Split Fixed Settee: H106cm x W190cm x D94cm
    Somersby 3 Seat Recliner Settee: H106cm x W197cm x D89cm


    What is … Medical Grade™ Foam?
    Naturally cooling Mammoth Medical Grade™ Foam was developed in healthcare to ease aches and pains, and return people to better health whilst being incredibly comfortable.
    It is specifically designed to relieve pressure, promote healing and help maintain and improve quality of life.


    Better ease of movement
    Better circulation, support and posture
    Pain relief
    Reduce risk of falling and injury
    Helping to prevent hip locking when sitting/standing.

    Care Guide: Sponge clean with a soft cloth and blot any spills immediately. Plump cushions regularly to retain appearance and performance. Avoid direct sunlight and contact with radiators.

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